Bagwells are dragon-like Monsters that the winner of the Elnea Tournament, during a White Night year, must fight. The Dragoon or current monarch can also fight them in Bagwell Forest at any time. They can be found at the end of the dungeon. However, that Dungeon may only be unlocked with Deluxe Services.

If you manage to attain victory, you may earn a special L Class Skill, a piece of dragoon equipment, or other special items! You have a small chance of earning the AoE attacks 'Divine Bolt' or 'Bladestorm' when defeating one.

Note that weapons and/or weapon skills you can obtain are in correspondence to what type of weapon you are equipped with.

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Recommendation Edit

Base Stats Edit

It is recommended to have the maximum base stats. That is:

Speed - 255

Strength - 255

Spirit - 255

Weapons Edit

Recommended weapons are those that have 500+ attack. Must be enhanced completely for effective results. Following are examples of which weapon to use.

Normal Weapons - Dragoon Weapons

Limited Event Weapons - Vorugo Weapons

Boost Weapons - Vorregdo Weapons, Vordarg Weapons

Skills Edit

Sword Axe Magun
SP Skill R+ Backstab+ R+ Axe Buster+ R+ Trick Shot+
Light Attack R+ Sharp Slash+ R+ Sharp Smash+ R+ Sharp Shot+
Medium Attack R+ Break Slash+ R+ Break Smash+ R+ Break Shot+
Heavy Attack R+ Heavy Slash+ R+ Heavy Smash+ R+ Heavy Shot+
Area Attack R+ Drain Slash+ R+ Drain Smash+ R+ Drain Shot+
Guard R+ Multi-guard R+ Multi-guard R+ Multi-guard

Note: If you have a weapon that has no defense, it is recommended to equip a guard skill and if you have it, it's advisable to use the Drain Skill especially if you are starting out with a Dragoon weapon. This is because while fighting against Bagwell with the Drain Skill, not only will you reduce his hp but yours will increase which is really helpful in the fight. If you don’t have it, apply the next best skill that deals with a lot of damage attack, and keep using your guard skill unless you believe his hp can be beaten without it.

Enchantments (Optional) Edit

If you have these, apply it to your enchantments. These aim to increase the strength of your attack, your defense, and increases your SP bar faster.

1. Roselle's Valor 6+... x5 or more

2. Adelia's Ward 3+... x4 or more

3. Bahn's Vigor 10+... x2 or more

Prior to Fighting Bagwell Edit

Before your match with Bagwell, have your SP bar full and also equip a Sword of Vesta charm for 20% attack, hp and defense. Or equip a Soul Mate charm which gives you 50% (if you have one available). Use your SP Skill at the start, that way your SP bar will increase again and you can use your SP Skill twice in the fight.

Bagwell's Behavior Edit

It’s hard to determine whether you will win or not, but there are ways to increase your chances. It’s by reading his moves with symbols that appear above his head. Make sure you TAKE NOTE of what they are. If he has the counter-attack symbol above his head, DO NOT attack him but guard yourself instead. Because if you do attack, you will receive the brunt of your own attack as Bagwell will deflect your attack on to yourself. If he has the Parry symbol, use your strongest skills though he might still be able to block it. And if he has nothing above his head, you're safe which means you can use your best skills and your chances of decreasing his hp is better.

Other Strategy Tips Edit

If you’re using a Vorugo weapon, make sure you always have your guard skill as your last combo move so you don’t get defeated quickly as you have no defense with this weapon. If you’re still using a Dragoon weapon, try to just attack without any defense. See how far you go with decreasing his hp and work with it by experimenting different combo moves. But always have your SP bar full before fighting Bagwell as this will allow you to have more damage on his hp.

If nothing else works, wait until you have a Begola Flashtube that you can use against Bagwell. Don’t use it immediately after receiving it, use it when there is a limited event that doubles the percentage of obtaining skills and weapons for better chances of obtaining rare items. Once you have acquired L Skills from Bagwell, your chances of defeating him increases and things will gradually become easier when you fight him. But sometimes, the R+ Skills you get from the Skill Academy is better than the L Skills you can obtain from the Bagwell Forest. You will have to maximise your skills to see whether it’s stronger than an L Skill from Bagwell Forest, and if it is it’s better to equip it on.

Winning Percentage Edit

  • If you’re missing some of the recommended attributes your winning percentage would be lower than 50%. For example, if you’re only equipped with a Dragoon weapon or your skills and weapons are not in maximum, you have lower chances to defeat Bagwell with probably around a 30%-40% chance.
  • Should you have all the recommended attributes, using a Vorugo/Vorregdo/Vordarg weapon, your winning percentage while equipped with a Sword of Vesta charm will be 50%. It also depends on Bagwell and which moves he use. For example, if he doesn’t use his Counter-Attack skill or only uses it only once, you might have a chance of winning.
  • If you have all the recommended attributes and you’re equipped with a Soul Mate charm, your winning percentage will be 100%.