Becoming a Citizen Edit

To become a citizen of Elnea Kingdom, you must first complete a few tutorial quests given to you by Wiala at the Tavern. After you have done enough quests, you will be given the option to do the quest that enables you to become a citizen.

Tip: Before you agree to this quest, you should save up 5,000 Bea. If you haven't done so, or find it difficult to, you can still accept the quest as it is indefinite (no time limit, except for the fact that you have to do it within the first year). You can continue to complete the second set of quests given by Wiala, which should bring you to 5,000.

After accepting the quest, you will have to go to the Scholar's association and into the library (you can fast travel there) to give the 5,000 bea to Miara. This 5,000 bea is for your citizenship + your basic house, in the Fountain District, and a single farm plot. You will become a citizen straight away and your clothes will automatically change; you now will be able to fast travel to your new home and farm (the options appear next to the tavern and library).