Event title beast
Period being held
  1. From December 18, 2017 until 0:00 on December 25, 2017 (EST).
  2. From April 9, 2018 until 0:00 on April 16, 2018 (EST)
  3. From June 12, 2018 until June 19, 2018 (EST)
Official information

Fishing Edit

During this event you can catch "Elnea River King" and "Star Fish". The probability of catching these is rare. Held Items: Fish

Dungeons Edit

During the event period, you can enter dungeons ★ 1 to ★ 5 regardless of your position. Probability of getting weapons and skills from the boss is rising. Also monsters that can earn a lot of Exp will appear.

Reward Edit

Shops Edit

Pic reward 171202 3
You can earn Gift Boxes (L) at regular dungeons or fishing during this event. Gift Boxes (L) is necessary to buy a special items sold in Flower Land.

General Store (Flower Land) Edit

The sale item can be exchanged until December 25, 2017.

Name Objectives Price
Noel Outfit 50 Gift Box (L) 3000 bea
Ihm Snowman 20 Gift Box (L) 1000 bea
Noel Seed 10 Gift Box (L) 0 bea
Blue Noel Seed 10 Gift Box (L) 0 bea

Deluxe Service Edit

In Bagwell Forest and Vorugo Forest you can earn event limited costumes.

Bagwell Forest Vorugo Forest
Part 1
Pic reward 170906 1 Pic reward 171202 2
Part 2
Pic reward 170906 1 Pic reward 171106 2
Part 3
Pic reward 170906 1 VF Reward3