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Name In Game Description Found Cost Sale Price
Saria flower
Saria Flower A sweet flower filled with nectar. Given to children as treats. Gathering (herb patches) n/a 1
Pom Fruit Crunchy, sweet and sour fruit with a refreshing aroma. Grocery Store (Winter) 10 5
Milk [Lunch] A small portion of milk. Grocery Store 15 5
Cheese [Lunch] A small portion of cheese. Grocery Store 15 10
Manana [Lunch] Fruit of the Hamoa Archipelago. Enjoyed since ancient times. Grocery Store (Summer, Autumn) 15 8
Chocolate [Lunch] A bitter chunk of processed natova. Used in making sweets. Grocery Store (Autumn, Winter) 25 20
Pakamaka [Lunch] Sweet fruit from the Dasarios Isl. Has a tropical scent. Grocery Store (Winter, Spring) 20 15
Gaien [Lunch] Fruit from Jarram. The flavor takes some getting used to. Grocery Store (Spring, Summer) 20 15
Royal honey
Royal Honey [Lunch] From the Royal Greenhouse. Nectar comes from tropical flowers. Grocery Store 10 10
Poto potato soup
Poto Potato Soup Thick soup made from mashed poto potatoes and milk. Cooking 18
Green salad
Green Salad Salad made from round-cut green cabba and crushed panay. Cooking 41
Mallo mushroom soup
Mallo Mushroom Soup A delicious soup made from cepa and mallo mushrooms. Cooking 22
Punkin Gazo Soup
Punkin Gazo Soup A soup that has boiled punkin and Punkin Gazo in it. Cooking 50
Pomalo pasta
Pomalo Pasta Classic pasta made from pomalo Cooking, Tavern 20 15
Gazo pasta
Gazo Pasta Delicious pasta made from river gazo, shell and all. Cooking, Tavern 35 26
Pomalo soup
Pomalo Soup A soup with the savor an acidity of pomalo. Cooking 18
Matra jelly
Matra Jelly Dish made from salted matra and ubo gelatin. Smells fishy. Cooking 30
Cabba soup
Cabba Soup Boiled soup made from square-cut cabba and minced popago. Cooking 52
Cabba salad
Cabba Salad Crisp salad of minced river gazo and sliced yellow cabba. Cooking 50
Poto chips
Poto Chips Thin, mashed poto potato fried in oil. Very crunchy. Cooking, Tavern 30 22
Matra soup
Matra Soup Light soup made with salted matra and yellow cabba. Cooking 35
Spring bisque
Spring Bisque Pomalo soup base with plenty of shinzo. A taste of spring. Cooking 42
Smelly salad
Smelly Salad Salad made with plenty of gjorr herbs. Very smelly. Cooking 30
Goddess soup
Goddess Soup Elegant soup of fried cepa and sliced rogh mushrooms. Cooking 30
Emperor terrine
Emperor Terrine Fabled cuisine allegedly served to Carnet emperors. Cooking 188
Radashell Soup
Radashell Soup A soup that features boiled Radashells and Cepa. Cooking 188
Matra croquette
Matra Croquette A fried dish in which salted matra and mashed poto potato. Cooking, Tavern 25 18
Spicy grilled entz
Spicy Grilled Entz Grilled entz with garb herb seasoning. Cooking 15
Entz meuniere
Entz Meuniere Breaded entz fried to perfection. Cooking, Tavern 25 17
Stewed veras
Stewed Veras Stewed veras and milk. Has a firm texture. Cooking 17
Steamed gazo
Steamed Gazo Gazo steamed in the shell. Simple dish with rich flavors! Cooking, Tavern 55 44
Bahna and pomalo stew
Bahna and Pomalo Stew A dish of stewed bahna and pomalo. Cooking 35
Grilled bahna
Grilled Bahna Salted bahna grilled in fat. Eaten with squeezed pyrus. Cooking 53
Sauteed bahna
Sauteed Bahna A dish of sauteed bahna with sliced rogh mushrooms on top. Cooking 37
Grilled cucur
Grilled Cucur A grilled cucur with plenty of cheese on top. Cooking 30
Simmered cabba
Simmered Cabba A dish in which green cabba and eggs are fried together. Cooking 30
Fried gezo
Fried Gezo Gezo fried in breadcrumbs. Very tender and crunchy. Cooking, Tavern 35 28
Stuffed peppi
Stuffed Peppi A peppi, baked with minced buzzarn inside. Cooking 66
Rago steak
Rago Steak A thick-cut, juicy rago steak. Cooking 29
Stewed rago
Stewed Rago A piece of rago meat thoroughly boiled in a fragrant sauce. Cooking 43
Ancient Fish Steak
Ancient Fish Steak A hearty Rare Ancient Fish steak. It’s got a rare, dry texture to it. Cooking 40
Shishin and Punkin Pie
Shishin and Punkin Pie A pie filled with Shishin and punkin. Cooking 50
Whole Punkin Gratin
Whole Punkin Gratin A gratin dish that was made using an entire punkin. It’s great for parties! Cooking 50
Rowna pazza
Rowna Pazza A hearty dish in which a rowna is cooked in a whole pomalo. Cooking 119
Grand meuniere
Grand Meuniere Giant, white, breaded fish fried to perfection. Cooking 269
Emperor meuniere
Emperor Meuniere A slice of emperor fish fried in batter. Cooking 176
Large fried gezo
Large Fried Gezo A large, fried crustacean. Very rubbery texture. Cooking 162
Grilled flat gezo
Grilled Flat Gezo Flat gezo grilled with seasoning. Very rubbery. Cooking 195
Fried blue gezo
Fried Blue Gezo Blue, rubbery, fried gezo. Tastes like it looks, not great. Cooking 317
Ancient Fish Steak
Dragon Steak A thick, fried dragon fish steak of supreme quality. Cooking 524
Monochrome Croquette
Monochrome Croquette Fried balls filled with Monochrome fish meat and crushed-up poto potatoes. Cooking 40
Quiche [Lunch] An oven-baked pastry filled eggs and other ingredients. Cooking,


35 29
Fish and chips
Fish and Chips [Lunch] A Devonian dish of fried fish and thinly sliced poto potato. Cooking, Tavern 30 23
Techiri stew
Techiri Stew Wa Kingdom cuisine. Popago and panay, boiled in a soup. Cooking 41
Chilled cucur
Chilled Cucur Baiga region cuisine. Deep fried cucur pickled in a sour soup. Cooking 68
Sauteed veras
Sauteed Veras Gavamekian Cuisine. Slice and fried veras and peppi. Cooking 31
Smelly soup
Smelly Soup Soup of the southern regions. Uses the smelly nunugi fish. Cooking 22
Makaboka Wa Kingdom cuisine. Popago and eggs steamed together. Cooking 30
Yakatoro Wa Kingdom cuisine. Fatty fish and grilled cepa on a stick. Cooking, Tavern 70 62
Fried mallo mushrooms
Fried Mallo Mushrooms Whole fried mallo mushrooms, overflowing with juice. Cooking, Tavern 15 8
Ajillo Southern region cuisine. Shinzo and mallo boiled in oil. Cooking, Tavern 35 26
Fried poto and peppi
Fried Poto and Peppi Gavamekian cuisine. Thinly sliced and fried in a sour-spicy seasoning. Cooking 32
Kung pao fish
Kung Pao Fish Soh Kingdom cuisine. White fish with red peppi, very spicy. Cooking 136
Cocoi Bean Curry
Cocoi Bean Curry Cuisine stewed with special spices. Raises each stat by 4,000 EXP. Cooking, Login Bonus 1,260
Cheese pizza
Cheese Pizza Cooked at high temp. in an oven. A Mountain Corps specialty. Crafting 17
Pomalo pizza
Pomalo Pizza [Lunch] A popular pizza with a pomalo topping. Excellent flavor! Crafting, Tavern 40 31
Pol mushroom pizza
Pol Mushroom Pizza A juicy, irresistible pizza with pol mushrooms on top. Crafting 26
Honey pizza
Honey Pizza Pizza with honey. Tastes better than you'd think. Crafting 32
Gaien pizza
Gaien Pizza Southern-style pizza topped with gaien. Not for everyone. Crafting 38
Garoni Pizza
Garoni Pizza A pizza with thick slices of garoni on top. Very delicious. Crafting 54
Spicy Pizza
Spicy Pizza A super spicy pizza topped with plenty of red peppi. Crafting 48
Cheesecake [Lunch] Rich cake with plenty of cheese. Cooking 32
Pancake [Lunch] Pancakes topped with a large helping of jam. Cooking 12
Ihm mousse
Ihm Mousse [Lunch] Mousse cake made in the shape of an ihm. Cooking 30
Chocolate nut tart
Chocolate Nut Tart [Lunch] Delicious chocolate tart with crushed nuts sprinkled on top. Cooking 27
Nut pound cake
Nut Pound Cake [Lunch] A pound cake with plenty of nuts. Cooking 7
Bowa jam
Bowa Jam Jam made with plenty of bowa fruit. Cooking 6
Berry tart
Berry Tart A juicy tart made with plenty of bowa fruit and red lapelle. Cooking 32
Zaja torte
Zaja Torte [Lunch] A chocolate cake wrapped in more chocolate. Cooking 28
Manana pound cake
Manana Pound Cake [Lunch] A pound cake with the pleasant aroma of manana. Cooking 14
Tropical tart
Tropical Tart [Lunch] A tropical tart full of gaien and pakamaka. Cooking 35
Chocolate manana
Chocolate Manana [Lunch] A ripe manana dipped in chocolate. A pleasant snack. Cooking 33
Mille tart
Mille Tart [Lunch] An extravagant tart with sliced pom fruit. A pleasant snack. Cooking 11
Flan [Lunch] Egg and milk steamed to creat a sweet, gooey dessert. Cooking 13
Gaien jello
Gaien Jello [Lunch] A sweet and sour jelly made from gaien fruit and juice. Cooking 41
Chocolate pyrus
Chocolate Pyrus A round-cut pyrus with a sugar and chocolate coating. Cooking 62
Honey pyrus
Honey Pyrus [Lunch] A sliced pyrus dripping with honey. A sweet but sour taste. Cooking 41
Pyrus tart
Pyrus Tart A round, juicy, refreshing pyrus tart. Cooking 68
Heart Tart
Heart Tart A cute, heart-shaped egg tart. Cooking n/a 55
Chocolate Pyrus Tart
Chocolate Pyrus Tart A tart that expertly mixes the sweetness of chocolate with the sourness of Pyrus. Cooking n/a 55
White Tart
White Tart A milky tart decorated with white chocolate. It's super sweet! Cooking n/a 68
Honey cookies
Honey Cookies [Lunch] Sweet and moist honey cookies. Cooking, Grocery Store 25 15
Chocolate cookies
Chocolate Cookies [Lunch] Chocolate cookies bursting with chocolate chips. Cooking, Grocery Store 35 28
Bowa jelly
Bowa Jelly [Lunch] A sweet and sour gelatin made from bowa fruit. Cooking 29
Milk jelly
Milk Jelly [Lunch] A white gelatin dessert made with milk. Cooking 35
Ihm Marshmallow
Ihm Marshmallow [Lunch] An Ihm-shaped marshmallow. It’s soft and tasty! Cooking 28
Punkin Cookie
Punkin Cookie Cookies made with mashed punkin and gheat flour. Cooking 36
Punkin Pudding
Punkin Pudding A hard dessert made with milk, egg, and punkin paste. Cooking 36
Punkin Pie
Punkin Pie A pie that’ll fill your mouth with the sweet taste of punkin! Cooking 45
Ihm Cocoa
Ihm Cocoa Hot chocolate that’ll warm your heart and mind, paired with an Ihm marshmallow. Cooking 72
Tart de Ihm
Tart de Ihm A decorated tart paired with a marshmallow Ihm. Cooking 76
Tart de Phomos
Tart de Phomos Grocery Store (Harvest Festival)
Party cake bowa
Party Cake (Bowa) A cake filled with bowa fruit, meant for celebrations. Kids love this one. Cooking 100
Party cake chocolate
Party Cake (Chocolate) A cake meant for celebrations. Its bitter chocolate coating is very popular. Cooking 100
Noel Cake
Noel Cake A cake meant for celebrating the Winter Solstice Festival. It looks so cute! Cooking 65
Urchin Cream Soup
Urchin Cream Soup A cream soup filled with gourmet River Urchin. Cooking n/a 20
Crustacean Celebration
Crustacean Celebration An entire Red & White Crustacean cooked with spicy seasoning. Cooking 135
Red &amp; White Makaboka
Red & White Makaboka An auspicious dish that's cooked at the beginning of every year in the Wa Kingdom. Cooking
Simmered Paletato and Twistroot
Simmered Paletato and Twistroot Paletatoes and twistroot cooked to a sweet and spicy finish. Cooking 65
Wa New Year Box 1
Wa New Year Box #1 A traditional Wa food box filled with sweet food that children will enjoy. Cooking 200
Wa New Year Box 2
Wa New Year Box #2 A traditional Wa food box meant for celebrations, and includes a cooked Crustacean. Cooking 200
Wa New Year Box 3
Wa New Year Box #3 A traditional Wa food box filled with cooked potatoes. Cooking 150
Bread [Lunch] Traditional bread made with a few simple ingredients. Cooking, Grocery Store 15 8
Ihm bread
Ihm Bread [Lunch] Soft bread made with plenty of milk. Cooking, Grocery Store 15 11
Egg sandwich
Egg Sandwich [Lunch] A soft sandwich filled with mashed boiled eggs. Cooking, Grocery Store 25 17
Buzzarn sandwich
Buzzarn Sandwich [Lunch] A juicy sandwich filled with buzzarn fish. Cooking, Grocery Store 65 55
Mushroom sandwich
Mushroom Sandwich [Lunch] A rich sandwich filled with sauteed pol mushrooms. Cooking, Grocery Store 20 15
Gazo sandwich
Gazo Sandwich [Lunch] A sandwich filled with boiled river gazo. Cooking, Grocery Store 40 31
Manana sandwich
Manana Sandwich [Lunch] A sweet sandwich filled with sliced and sauteed manana. Cooking, Grocery Store 25 20
Cabba sandwich
Cabba Sandwich [Lunch] A sandwich filled with sliced green cabba. Perfect with tea. Cooking, Grocery Store 40 33
Rago sandwich
Rago Sandwich [Lunch] A sandwich filled with sliced, roasted rago. Cooking, Grocery Store 45 35
Hot dog
Hot Dog [Lunch] A sandwich filled of boiled garoni. Its etymology is unclear. Cooking, Grocery Store 55 44
Buzzarn sandwich
Marlin Sandwich A spicy sandwich filled with deep-fried swordfish and red peppi. Cooking n/a 87
Crusty bread
Crusty Bread Bread that's been left out for a few days. Causes dry mouth.

Dungeon Loot (Bagwell Forest)

n/a 1
Stale Bread
Stale Bread Bread that's gone stale after a few days. It'll give you a stronger jaw! Dungeon Loot (Bagwell Forest) n/a 1
Crusty bread
Soft Bread Bread cooked in a special manner that makes it fluffy and easy to eat! Dungeon Loot (Bagwell Forest) n/a 1
Berry juice
Berry Juice A mixed, sweet and sour juice of red lapelle and bowa fruit. Cooking 32
Tropical juice
Tropical Juice A mixed, rich, fragrant juice of pakamaka and manana. Cooking 28
Mixed juice
Mixed Juice A mixed, creamy juice consisting of manana and pom fruit. Cooking 17
Green juice
Green Juice A mixed, leafy juice. Not very tasty, but incredibly healthy. Cooking, Tavern 55 46
Pom juice
Pom Juice Juice made from pom fruit. Only available in winter. Tavern (seasonal) 15
Pyrus juice
Pyrus Juice A bitter, sweet and sour juice made from round pyrus. Tavern 55 45
Pom wine
Pom Wine Pom fruit as a sparkling wine. Only for spring and summer. Tavern (seasonal) 25 20
Pom fire liquor
Pom Fire Liquor Liquor made after distilling pom wine. Spit hot fire! Tavern (seasonal) 40 30
Goddess fire liquor
Goddess Fire Liquor Pom fire liquor with honey. Consumed on the Harvest Festival. Tavern (Harvest Festival only) 60 50
Hot milk
Hot Milk Warm milk with honey added. Very relaxing. Cooking 19
Hot chocolate
Hot Chocolate A sweet drink of warmed milk and melted chocolate. Cooking 29
Ihm tea
Ihm Tea Tea leaves come from the ihm tree. Ordered from the south. Tavern, Caravan Co. 50 (Tavern),

25 (Caravan Co.)

Original Wa Sakura Rice Cake
Original Wa Sakura Rice Cake [Lunch] A traditional Was sweet. The strained bean paste melts in your mouth. Grocery Store 150 bea
Coconut Juice
Coconut Juice A super healthy mixture of honey and coconut juice! 120
Lady Spring Tea [Lunch] A flavored tea popular for its fresh and faintly sweet aroma.
Matra meal
Matra Meal A meal of matra, bread and fire liquor. Adult fortune incl. Tavern (Harvest Festival only) 25 20
Matra lunch meal
Matra Lunch Meal A meal of matra, bread and pom juice. Child fortune incl. Tavern (Harvest Festival only) 25 20
Harvest dinner
Harvest Dinner A fine banquet with goddess fire liquor. Adult fortune incl. Tavern (Harvest Festival only) 25 20
Ramsala [Lunch] A desert spice that boosts all abilities' EXP up to a maximum of 40,000. Caravan Co. 30,000 20,000
Golden Ramsala
Golden Ramsala [Lunch]A desert spice that boosts all abilities' EXP up to a maximum of 100,000. Paid Item Shop 125 Gems
Fertility Stone Shard
Fertility Stone Shard [Lunch] Boosts all abilities' EXP up to a maximum of 3,000 through the power of fertility. Limited Event (Fertas' Blessing) Reward N/A 1
Dragon Drop Shard
Dragon Drop Shard [Lunch] A magical jewel shard that boosts all abilities' EXP up to a maximum of 7,000. Dungeon Loot (Bagwell Forest) n/a 1
Dragon Drop
Dragon Drop [Lunch] A dragon's gem that boosts all abilities' EXP up to a maximum of 80,000. Rewarded after defeating Bagwell during White Night,
Dungeon Loot (Bagwell Forest)
n/a 40,000
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