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Image Name In Game Description Found WP Value Sale Price
Puff-Puff A flower with a bud that looks like a hairball. Often used for ornamental purposes. Gathering (Fertas' Blessing) None 20
Truff Mush
Truffmush A mushroom with a unique flavor. Gormands love it Gathering (Fertas' Blessing) None 20
Light flower
Light Flower A flower that only blooms on Astral Day. Lucky item. Pick Up from the ground on Astral Day n/a 50
Rainbow flower
Rainbow Flower A flower given by the Sacred Beast only on Astral Day. Forest dungeon loot on Astral Day n/a 100
Poto potato
Poto Potato A potato that is delicious when baked or boiled. Farm 17 9
Pomalo A delicious vegetable used in various recipes, from salad to stew. Farm 17 9
Panay A tough, fragrant, and leafy vegetable. Farm 26 15
Cepa A bulb vegetable with a spicy flavor. Tastes sweeter onced cooked. Farm 26 15
Cucur A simple, fleshy vegetable. Looks like a sponge inside. Farm 26 15
Peppi A bland vegetable with a distinctive scent and bitter flavor. Not popular with children. Farm 31 18
Red peppi
Red Peppi A spicy variety of peppi that grows occasionally. Used in soup or as a spice. Farm 43 25
Green cabba
Green Cabba A young cabba sprout with a refreshing taste. Farm 34 20
Yellow cabba
Yellow Cabba A matured cabba with a bland taste. Used in soups. Farm 43 25
Garoni A tough, oily vegetable known as the 'meat of the earth'. Farm 50 30
Pyrus A refreshing, yet bitter, acidic fruit. Used as a seasoning or to make juice. Farm 43 25
Round pyrus
Round Pyrus A large, tough, and refreshing sweet and sour fruit. Farm 58 35
Red lapelle
Red Lapelle A sweet and sour fruit. Used in desserts and jam. Farm 43 25
Black lapelle
Black Lapelle A rare fruit which gives a status buff when adventuring. Farm 121 75
Punkin A vegetable covered by a hard find. It’s very sweet, and tastes like a potato when boiled heavily. Farm n/a 20
White Cocoi Bean
White Cocoi Bean A bean shaped like a Cocoi. Has strong sweetness compared to Green beans. Farm n/a 5
Green Cocoi Bean
Green Cocoi Bean A bean shaped like a Cocoi. Used in many types of cuisine. n/a 3
Garb herbs
Garb Herbs Nice smelling wild grass, widely used to flavor dishes. Gather (bushes) 3 2
Nagun seed
Nagun Seed A small wild grass seed. Used to clear away odors because of its strong scent. Gather (bushes) 3 2
Mallo mushroom
Mallo Mushroom A round mushroom commonly used in cooking. Gather (fallen logs) 5 3
Pol mushroom
Pol Mushroom A thick, juicy, black mushroom with an amazing flavor. Gather (fallen logs) 6 4
Bowa fruit
Bowa Fruit A sweet and sour fruit which can be picked from spring through summer. Gather (bushes), dungeon loot (Forest Trail) 3 2
Zel fruit
Zel Fruit A fragrant and delicious fruit seen on trees from fall through winter. Gather (bushes), dungeon loot (Forest Trail) 3 2
Aque leaves
Aque Leaves Bitter leaves, mainly used to purify dye. Gather (fallen logs) 2 1
Dadan herbs
Dadan Herbs Medicinal herbs with an invigorating effect. Gather (fallen logs) 3 2
Topin herbs
Topin Herbs Medicinal herbs with a sedative effect. Gather (fallen logs) 6 4
Ignis mushroom
Ignis Mushroom A poisonous mushroom used to make dye. Gather (fallen logs) 10 7
Inber mushroom
Inber Mushroom A very poisonous mushroom used to make dye. Gather (fallen logs) 13 10
Mallee flower
Mallee Flower A thorny flower used to make dye. Gather (fallen logs) 19 15
Gjorr herbs
Gjorr Herbs Wild grass with a peculiar scent. Used for flavoring. Caravan Co. n/a 10
Rogh mushroom
Rogh Mushroom Fancy mushroom originating from overseas with a unique scent. Caravan Co. n/a 10