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A white fluffy creature. Eats anything and everything. Surprisingly heavy. Edit

An Ihm is a monster that can be found wandering around town. Ihm is a special creature and, much like, Wiala or Miara they will not die.

Ihms will eat anything left on the ground. You can sometimes find Ihm pie when gathering from herb patches but they will make you dirty upon being picked up. Ihms can be taken into dungeons to fight alongside you as a partner. If you take Ihms into a dungeon, chests are acquired easier.

One book, in the library, mentions that they burrow underground and grow into trees. Then baby Ihms hatch from the fruits of those trees. Another book mentions that they were created by the gods to be servants and sooth the people.

Names Edit

In any intial kingdom, their are twelve different Ihms, all sharing the same set names in any game. These names will stay the same, unless you change it.

  • Tama
  • Ihmpyon
  • Ihmru
  • Ihmra
  • Manana
  • Ihmemon
  • Ihmpe
  • Ihmko
  • Ihmnosuke
  • Ihmpu
  • Maru
  • Ihmta

Items Edit

Ihm Bond Edit

Buyable, for 10 gems (paid item), this item allows you to tame an ihm and keep it as a pet. However they will become wild again after a generation has passed and will need to be tamed again by using another Ihm Bond.

Your Ihm will sleep in your house and come talk to you.

Ihm Name tag Edit

You may change an Ihm's given name to anything with this item. You can get an Ihm Name tag through a daily reward.

Ihm Color Edit

Their are seven different colors (White, Pink, Mint, Ice Blue, Cream, Lavender, and Graphite) each one able to change your Ihm's color to the select color. They can be bought at the Amber trading post.

Naturally an Ihm is colored white.

Ihm Suits Edit

Ihm suits are costumes that you may put on your Ihms, they may be obtained at random from the Tailor Shop.

Gallery Edit