Birth Symbol Children Edit

Once married, you may have the option to have children.The woman in the relationship is pregnant for 25 days, and the baby will be born during the night. If you look on your calendar, it will show you your child's due date; if you are the woman, it will automatically transport you back home a hour before you give birth.

You can try to have a second child once the first is 1 year of age. You can have up to six children, but it depends on the population number and lifespan. Characters (including their spouses) who are Mature may need more tries to become pregnant, while those who are Elderly can no longer have children. If the kingdom has too many citizens, you cannot have children until another citizen dies (exact limit is unknown).

Only one couple can successfully conceive a child a day. On that day, if a couple other than you succeeds in concieving a child, you cannot make it succeed. In that case, you are more likely to succeed if you act in the morning than at night. Try it until your spouse accepts it. However, if your spouse refuses to have a child because of their own age etc, you cannot have a new child.

A white angel will appear on shoulder of a pregnant woman on the expected birth date. No more than one child is ever born at a time.

The expected date
Make 123456789101112131415
Birth 262728293012345678910
Make 161718192021222324252627282930
Birth 111213141516171819202122232425
Birth EggBirth Egg (paid item)
If there is a birth egg in a bag, it appears as an option when concieving a child. You can use your birth egg if either you or your spouse is elderly, or if both are elderly and there is no first child. However, it can not be used when the lifespan is short.
Lest FlowerLest Flower (paid item)
Before giving birth, you can decide your baby‘s gender. Talk to your spouse with the Lest Flower in hand before the baby is born.

Child Edit

Naming DeedScroll 1 (Caravan Co)
When a child is born, you as a parent may name them. Once you submit your choice, you cannot change the name unless you use a Naming Deed item. "Naming Deed" can change the name of a child if you are a parent and the child is a minor.

When a child becomes a student at Natall School, you will be given the option to pass down to your child. If you decline, you will still have the option to pass down by talking to your child until your child graduates from school at the coming-of-age ceremony. To switch to a child other than during an entrance ceremony or an adult ceremony, talk to them at home.

Money / skill / weapons / items / indefinite quests etc. are inherited from the original character when you become a child. You don't have to inherit these things if you don't want to, though. You have the option of whether to save the original character in the character slot. Character

If you do not switch to your child and you have finished your life, you will be restarted from the traveler. The years and days that have progressed remain intact. Character#Age.

Note: After you switch to a child, you cannot return to the original character or switch to another child.

Whether parents have additional children after passing down depends on the population and their lifespan.

Sample schedule
Year DayAgePositionEventPass Down
Y193 D250babybirthimpossible
Y194 D251infantbirthdayimpossible
Y195 D252infantbirthdayimpossible
Y196 D12studentEnrollment ceremonypossible
Y196 D253studentbirthdaypossible
Y197 D254studentbirthdaypossible
Y198 D255studentbirthdaypossible
Y199 D15citizenAdult ceremonypossible