"PassportPassport (paid item)" is necessary to issue a password. Deluxe Service is required to invite characters using a password.

The invited character is NPC. They are the same as ordinary travelers, and their stay in the country is from the 10th to the 13th. Relationships

Their birth dates will change to match the year they are brought into the country (E.G Y 209 D 21 is brought into the country on Y 194 D 11, the birth date is changed to Y 188 - 177 D 21)

State of the character stored in a password.
Appearance, Talent, Equipped Weapon, Equipped Skills, Base Ability, Costume, Equipment, Enchantments
Regular uniforms are discarded and changed to Traveler's Garb.
If the age of the character is 5, it will be changed to 6. If it is 6 to 17, it will not be changed. If it is 18 or more, it will be changed to 17.

List Edit

Please add the password of the character you want to introduce to the table or comment. Please do not mistake the password to be added. Users cannot invite a character if the password is incorrect.

The added character may be invited to the country of the user subscribing to the Deluxe Service.

Name Age Gender Talent Password Message
Example 6 Man none Thank you. Issuer: ???
Althea Drummond 10 Woman none LpXq!tVIjl4rCqJYYl97P4Q3t2O: This is my PC's dear friend, so treat her with care! Lol ♡

Issuer: User:0xid3li

Astrid Moon 10 Woman none fsbEui+5zv2hjfy+LrflWS3Shaf: Astrid is my 1st gen character. She has nothing particular, but in my game she just died, please take good care of her.

Issuer: User:Artemis2500

Chei Vega 9 Man none CJ3U7ucQS2TaeXaDPBqKCwJwZ0V: I hope he gets around a lot! :3. Issuer: User:Choi-Sempai
Revash Agares 8 Man none vPxbHmw-0sGCAJWGs-GKl71EGwH: Issuer: User:Raizel77
Fredrica Aldan 17 Woman none Emd0nUjSkgEPntrfqUoMA1a5ZrS: Former queen. Enjoy. Issuer: User:Sindad Mantle
Zuriel Gainsborough 16 Man none T7y!vj3nDX9b4ApcTI3nF4CR8rH: Issuer: Masy
Sinbad Mantle 14 Man none OA!sY9OC!f-LTcZGpgz45R5clx4: Issuer: User:Sinbad Mantle.
Valentina Keown 12 Woman none M0nUX5fA6yMIxaXu7eZvB5c029O: Issuer: ???
Baudouin Zambrano 8 Man Strength of Akade YS3AGUilNceuYY84BaQ9DbyLSQ6: Issuer: User:Jenshayyle
Eve Clay 8 Woman Strength of Akade Gb4qe1gCYdAqAu4cRH9YkDorKgS: Issuer: User:Jenshayyle
Gregoire Dauphin 8 Man Hand of Fertas IlzIoezc76rxvWkPzJ8bPBhC4!K: Issuer: User:Jenshayyle
Colleen Bates 8 Woman Hand of Fertas grNRQUIItYEqEZgf2aPFP7PhXJW: Issuer: User:Jenshayyle
Aaron Mills 15 Man Wings of Erek GGCm77s!a-DhgHo9X-A!WpwauQV: Aaron is my 3rd gen character. Hope you like him ^~^ Issuer:


Joaquin Bradley 6 Man Wings of Erek EtvcRx2bXzr0GmeZgENWXbJ5TR4: Issuer: User:Jenshayyle
Augusta Valero 7 Woman Wings of Erek JLkGckdKv5fwqjzUFKj!V0lKH3S: Issuer: User:Jenshayyle
Gabriel Bradley 6 Man Guidance of Grinee wGG864dFdH-FbvR0SJr--x7BBu4: Issuer: User:Jenshayyle
Griselle Gainsborough 6 Woman Guidance of Grinee sZLurx!1E2-0TXNVd0JTbimjQcO: Issuer: User:Jenshayyle
Giovanni Ecclestone 6 Man Eye of Carnei H-7ZxcWpzHPrl2MenAqUJrqSIwS: Issuer: User:Jenshayyle
Fabiola Newton 6 Woman Eye of Carnei QfQF41sxg1622DGwUg4pqC8GLAt: Issuer:


Dylos Van Hook 6 Man Eye of Carnei jtkpvq4Utx2wvtD3J-Hr0Cg8BuO: Issuer: ???
Robin Loxham 6 Man Smile of Ena MDbghY61r2rHKdq!62J0rItm49V: Issuer: User:Jenshayyle
Bruce Yellow 6 Man none liBK6edQhSDKIOdkhrr13xe1kZW: Issuer: User:MarkFury
Pilar Bradley 6 Woman Smile of Ena JMCfuqgHCu60-b4J66Tc6PSNzoa: Issuer: User:Jenshayyle
Satella Froude 16 Woman none rJ2RK4ewcE3WDflnbeC4y!OpiW: I max out her stats! Hopefully you guys will like her!

Issuer: Jellykrush

Akira Krush 13 Man none yRev2--1l7mV9ocO2rWZqoOhFaV: He was the first pc that became Dragoon for me. Hopefully you guys will like him!

Issuer: Jellykrush

Minori Yuzuru 13 Man none KAg1vKEZyRDRchL7w7gP-LtoyUa: Issuer: ???
Miya Shiroi 6 Woman None QywdIxqCiaTMETWEYZz3wMDhgTy: My girl! Take good care of her. Issuer: FluffsterDuelist
Izumi Garotte 6 Woman none QjehTDUQzBcw7OijxgmAVillpgt: I max out her stats as a kid! Hopefully you guys will like her!

Issuer: Jellykrush