Townspeople, friends, and family also sometimes give quests when you use the smalltalk conversation option with them.

NPCs Quests Edit

Add quests you received from workers, your family, friends.

Title Quest Description Requester Limit Objectives Reward
Cook a Meal for Your Partner Your partner wants to try your cooking. Please make some and give it to them. Partner Daily 1 Pomalo Pasta
1 Cabba Salad
1 Milk Jelly
3 EXP Boost 20
10 Guiding Butterfly
Share Health Medicine Dear Friends Daily 2 Tiny Bandages [N] Shards 1
Strength 100
Catch fish for a dear friend A friend is bad at fishing. Can you catch some buzzarn for them? Dear friends Daily 2 Buzzarn Guiding Butterfly 5
Money 500

Jobs Experience Quests Edit

These quests can only be received once. Report limit is 5 days after receiving the quest (time of Elnea Kingdom).

Title Quest Description Requester Reward
Try Out Farming Society. Using a Farming Society Trial, experience the life of a farm manager. I'll give you some rudder milk for making cheese. Member of the Farming Society Cheese 10
Work Points 240
Try Out Imperial Knight Using an Imperial Knight Trial, experience the life of a knight. I'll give you some moff wool for making fabric. Member of the Imperial Knights Speed 150
Work Points 240
Try Out Mountain Corps Using a Mountain Corps Trial, experience life in the Mountain Corps. I'll give you some iron ore to make some crafts. Member of the Mountain Corps Work Points 200
Strength 150
Try Out Scholar Using a Scholars Association Trial, experience the life of a scholar. I'll give you some aque leaves for your mixture. Member of the Scholars Work Points 200
Spirit 150
Try Out Priest Using a Shiznee Temple Trial, experience the life of a priest. Member of the Priests Work Points 400