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Requestor is Wiala and quest restriction limit varies by quest type.

Tutorial Edit

Quest Limit: indefinite.

Title Quest Description Objectives Reward
Pick Garb Herbs and Nagun seeds Please pick 1 Garb Herb and 2 Nagun Seeds from the Pasture 1 Garb Herb
2 Nagun Seed
200 bea
Catch Entz and Ubo Catch 1 Entz and 5 Ubo. 1 Entz
3 Ubo
10 Anything Bait
10 River Pro HG
Buy Gheat Flour Buy 5 packs of Gheat Flour from the Market. I'll give you the money first. 5 Gheat Flour 3 Ihm Bread
200 bea
Pick Pol Mushrooms Pick 2 Pol Mushrooms from the Apothecary's Forest. 2 Pol Mushrooms 500 bea
Make a Friend Speak to residents of the kingdom and make a friend Make a Friend10 Friend Binder
300 bea
Adventure in the Forest Trail Clear all the stages in 'Forest Trail'. It's easy by here, take some recovery items and amulet just in case. Clear all the Forest Trial Stages at least once10 Tiny Bandage
350 bea
Become a citizen Speak with Miara in the library and apply to become a citizen. Speak to Miara and Complete the 'Apply to become a Citizen' Quest3000 bea
Collect Shards Collect 2 [N] shards from a dungeon to strengthen your weapons 2 [N] Shards 10 [N] Shard
500 bea
Get Coal from Mt. Dhorme Mine Get 5 pieces of coal from Mt. Dhorme Mine 5 Coal 2 Pol Mushroom Pizza
500 bea
Meet a Friend Using a guiding butterfly, go to meet a friend. Meet up with a friend 20 Guiding Butterfly
300 bea
Enhance your weapon Enhance your weapon from the 'Enhance Weapon' screen under 'Character' in the menu. 1 [R] Shard
500 bea
Summon the Phomos Summon the Sacred Beast Phomos and catch one Buzzard and two River Gazos Summon Phomos using Bell of Spirit (located in inventory)
2 River Gazo
1 Buzzarn
300 bea
Become Close Friends Build a relationship with someone to become close friends 10 Guiding Butterflys
400 bea
Visit the Bath House Take a bath at the Bathius Bath House. 1 Scent of Fall
Give a Present to a Friend I'll give you a 'Small Ornament'. Give it to a friend by holding it, then talking to a friend. 5 Guiding Butterfly
4 Warp Stone
Become Dear Friends Become better friends with a close friend to become dear friends 10 Friend Binder
10 Guiding Butterfly
Have a Partner Having a partner is wonderful. If there's someone you like, how about confessing to them? 1 Additional Warp Slot
10 Guiding Butterfly
Go on a Date with your Partner Do you know the best date spots in the kingdom? Try inviting your date to one of them 10 Guiding Butterfly
1 Warp Stone


Title Quest Description Objectives Reward
Invite someone on an Adventure Invite a partner or dear friend to go adventuring 2 Small Health Potion
500 bea
Plant Poto Potatoes Plant poto potatoes on your farm. If they grow well, I'll give you some other seeds. 2 Pyrus Seed
2 Cepa Seed
Plant a Flower Plant a flower in flower bed 2 Purple Phyllis Seed
Try a Practice Match Try the practice game with a friend or loved one 1 Hourglass of Remorse
100 bea
Harvest crops from the Farm Don't forget to harvest you crops when they're ready. If the harvest is good, I'll give you other seeds 2 Pomalo Seed
2 Cucur Seed
Decorate your home Hey, why not try decorating your home? You can buy furnishings at Flower Land Place any decoration in your home 500 bea
New Poto and Peppi Menu I made a new menu using poto potatoes and peppi, but I've run out of ingredients. Do you have any? 1 Poto Potato

1 Peppi

1 Fried Poto and Peppi

70 bea

Jobs Tutorial Quest Edit

Title Quest Description Objectives Reward
Farming Society Collect work points to become a member of the Farming Society 1 Ihm Bond

1 Ihm Name Tag

1000 bea

Recipe Quest Edit

Title Quest Description Objectives Reward
Make Spicy Grilled Entz Fish for entz and pick garb herbs to make spicy grilled entz Ingredients:
1 Entz
1 Garb Herbs
River Pro HG
300 bea
New Peppi and Buzzarn Menu I've been thinking of a new dish made from peppi. Can you share the ingredients if you have them? 1 Peppi
1 Buzzarn
1 Stuffed Peppi
110 bea
Wabi Fish Soup I've come up with a dish that uses broth from a Wabi Fish. Could you collect the ingredients I need? 3 Wabi Fish
2 Garb Herbs
1 Wabi Soup
40 bea
Green Cocoi Bean Salad I've come up with a salad made with Green Cocoi Bean, Could you collect the ingredients I need? 5 Green Cocoi Bean
1 Egg
1 Warm Green Cocoi Bean Salad
50 bea
New Rowna and Red Peppi Menu I want to try making a super spicy exotic dish. Interested? If I had some red peppi and rowna, we could try it out... 1 Rowna
1 Red Peppi
1 Kung Pao Fish
150 bea