A species of Rudder with rich milk. Its appearance may be scary, but it has a gentle nature. Edit

A Rudder is a cow-like creature that is kept tame by people so that it can be milked. Only a Rudder that is inside the Pasture, not on Pasture St. or inside the barn, may be milked. Farmers are in charge of taking care of and milking them, however anyone can milk a Rudder. Though anyone can milk a Rudder, only a farmer may use that milk to create cheese.

A Rudder's milk quality will increase if the Rudder is kept full and satisfied.

A Rudder Pie may randomly show up on the ground. You can pick it up, however it cannot be sold and you won't get WP for trading it in, unless you're a farmer (then you get 100 wp). In addition, everyone but farmers will become smelly if they pick it up

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