Titles are displayed in a character's profile. It is attached when a character achieves a specific position or wins an event.

Military Edit

Defeat Bagwell after winning the Elnea Cup.
Win the Elnea Cup.
Sword Master
Become the Imperial Knight Captain.
Become a member of the Roselle Imperial Knights.
Imperial Cavalry Candidate
Win 1st or 2nd place in the Cavalry Tournament. Will be recruited in Roselle Imperial Knights next year.
Axe Master
Become the overall winner of the Mountain Corps League Battle.
Become a member of the Mountain Corps.
Magun Master
Become the Scholar Guru.
Become a Scholar.
Become a member of the Scholars' Association.

Work Edit

Person of Merit
Become a member of the Farming Society.
Farming Expert
Become the Association Deputy Rep.
Hard Worker
Appears on Day 29. Will be recruited into the Farming Society in the following year.

Religion Edit

Honest Person
Become a Priest/Curate.
One guided by Shiznee
Become a M.Acolyte/F.Acolyte.

Other Edit

Participated in Council.
Honor Student
Graduated at the top of the class.
Child of Ena
Elected by vote of Child of Ena contest.
Fishing Master
Win a Fishing Tournament.