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WorldNeverland-Elnea Kingdom

  • World Neverland Elnea Kingdom is a free-to-play game, released on the 16th of December, 2016. It is available for download via the Android Googleplay and the IOS AppStore. It can also be downloaded from here.
On March 15, 2018 the Nintendo Switch version was released.
  • Elnea Kingdom was the first and only game in the World Neverland series to be released in English.

Recent Activity

  • 会話ページ Talk:Relationships
    Wildheart970 によるコメントの編集 18時間前 diff
  • 会話ページ Talk:Relationships
    Wildheart970 による新しいコメント 18時間前
    コメント: Your character cannot marry siblings, however, cousins are treated as regular citizens and can be married
  • 会話ページ Talk:Relationships
    FANDOMユーザー による新しいコメント 19時間前
    コメント: This is probably really stupid but, could your character marry a relative? Or is that close family?
  • 会話ページ Talk:Married Life
    FANDOMユーザー による新しいコメント 23時間前
    コメント: You can buy and use a Lest Flower to choose the sex of the baby. In the mobile version, you get it from the paid item shop. In the switch version you...
  • 会話ページ Talk:Married Life
    FANDOMユーザー による新しいコメント 1日前
    コメント: Every time I give birth to boy! How do you get a girl?
  • 会話ページ Talk:Held Items: Food
    Nix0e0 による新しいコメント 1日前
    コメント: Thank you for information.
  • 会話ページ Talk:Weapons
    Jenshayyle による新しいコメント 2日前
    コメント: Sure, whenever you feel like it. It's up to you whether you you want to update the table now or later. They are a good addition. As long as they are...
  • 会話ページ Talk:Weapons
    FANDOMユーザー による新しいコメント 2日前
    コメント: Would you like me to make my table changes now, giving the other stars the adjusted table format, or wait until my next generation when I will be...

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