Zircon Pebble

Zircon pebbles are the currency used at the Zircon Pebble Trading Post. They can be obtained by watching advertisement videos after picking them up at specific locations in the kingdom. Bright sparkles will indicate the presence of the zircon pebble on the ground. You can obtain a maximum of 4 zircon pebbles each day. However, you won't receive the zircon pebble if the ad is interrupted. The limit will reset every day at midnight Japan Time (UTC + 9).

Locations where Zircon Pebbles may appear: Edit

  • Niv Hill
  • Blast Furnace
  • Waterfall
  • Hunting Trail
  • Royal Parade Grounds
  • Forbidden Forest
  • Pasture
  • Orchard

Tips Edit

Zircon pebbles are rare and appear randomly at these locations. Unless you play very actively, it is unlikely you will reach the daily 4 zircon pebble limit. Visiting all of them every day (in-game) is not recommended due to the amount of time lost when traveling to these areas. A better strategy is to visit only the locations that are near the places you regularly visit. For example, if you visit the mines very often, drop by Niv Hill and the Blast Furnace to check for zircon pebbles. Another example is visiting the Orchard when you visit your farm.

Zircon Pebble Trading Post Edit

If you collect Zircon Pebbles scattered around the kingdom, you can exchange it for some of the paid items.

Price = Zircon pebbles

7 Days Deluxe Card7 Days Deluxe Card160Grants you access to various deluxe services for 7 days.
Tailor CouponTailor Coupon120Can be exchanged for clothes or amber at the Tailor.
Furnishing Lottery TicketFurnishing Lottery Ticket48You can use these tickets on the Flower Land's lottery.
Magical MakeupMagical Makeup160Change your or a friend's appearance. One-time use.
Ihm BondIhm Bond40Speak to an ihm while holding this to become friends.
Unripe FruitUnripe Fruit160Speak to your partner while holding this to break up.
Flame of PassionFlame of Passion160Speak to a taken person while holding this to make them single.
Birth EggBirth Egg120Use to bear your first child only, even if elderly.
Lest FlowerLest Flower100A divine flower that allows a couple to pray for their child to be a certain gender.
PassportPassport32Needed when issuing a character's immigration password.
Bell of FertilityBell of Fertility32Summon the sacred beast for 15 minutes (real time).
Hourglass of RemorseHourglass of Remorse100Rewind time after being defeated in battle.
One-Day Time ChargeTime Charge 420Replenish time skip gauge by 4 times (one day in-game).
Moderate Health PotionModerate Health Potion20Restore party's HP by 40%.
Bond of CourageBond of Courage x224Take all dungeon party members to the next stage.
Balsala Flash TubeBalsala Flash Tube16Wipe out all enemies during battle. Cannot be used on bosses.
Unlimited Arena TicketUnlimited Arena Ticket x318One ticket allows you one arena battle. This ticket has no time limit.
Seething Crystal BeadSeething Crystal Bead22Use this before an arena battle to double your strength and defense in your next battle!